Why You Should Get a Custom Mouthguard
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Why You Should Get a Custom Mouthguard

12 Nov, 2015

Why You Should Get a Custom Mouthguard

One may think that a mouthguard is a mouthguard but that is just not the case. The cheap dollar ones you buy or even the more expensive Shock Doctor ones, do not even compare to a dentist making you a custom mouthguard. If being able to speak properly, breathe properly and overall being way more comfortable is important to you then a custom mouthguard is worth the money. Depending on your dentist mouthguards can range from 35 dollars to 150. It is important not to cheap out on your jaw, teeth, and head. A custom mouthguard provides the best protection possible. Many sport teams could reduce the amount of concussions drastically if they had the right protection for the mouth and jaw and head.
When the dentist makes it they mould it right to your top teeth and it fits perfectly. It takes only about 20 to 30 minutes to make while they mould it. Then about a week or two later you can pick it up. The dentist will make sure it fits and will adjust it if needed to by heating the tight areas up with a flame.
No matter what sport you play whether it is football, boxing, basketball, hockey, rugby, wrestling, mixed martial arts, lacrosse, competitive skiing, skateboarding or whatever a custom mouthguard is essential. Once you try it and feel the difference for yourself, you will never go back to an over the counter mouth guard. Most people do not care but it is important that safety comes first.

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