Why White Teeth and a Bright Smile Are So Important For That First Impression!
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Why White Teeth and a Bright Smile Are So Important For That First Impression!

12 Nov, 2015

Why White Teeth and a Bright Smile Are So Important For That First Impression!

I was at a beauty pageant about two weeks ago and it was filled with over 40 beautiful girls going through the stages of the contest. I was seated about five rows away from the stage and the contestants. It was obvious to see that through the lights that each contestant was under their own spotlight, if not under the obvious spotlight in the center of the stage.
As the girls were posed under the stage I could see all 40 of the contestants and it was obvious to see the bright smiles of each one. Not that all of them smiled, but the one's that did just stood out over the others. Their bright, white, teeth did nothing but radiate under the bright stage lights.
As the contest continued and the contestants went through their talent portion, work-out attire, and night-gown the smiles became more of a beacon for the girl's personality. I watched as each contestant had their individual moments in front of the judges and how the girls with the best smiles really used that pretty smile to convey their inner beauty to the five judges before them.
It couldn't be helped, but each person around me began to really pay attention to the contestants that stood out. Without a doubt, the girls that became the crowd favorites were the ones that could show their inner beauty through their facial expressions, and their smile.
It was evident as the final contestants were chosen, and each one had a great smile along with all the attributes of natural beauty. Well, it goes without saying that the final contestant was a very pretty, talented, young woman. Upon winning the beauty pageant that pretty, bright, smile shown even more when they placed that crown on her head. Her joy was evident to everyone in the crowd, and the one thing that most of us will remember is her smile of utter joy.
This is a simplistic reason for having a bright, white, smile, but it goes to show in front of hundreds of mostly strangers the one thing that does make a difference during first impressions is your smile. Making sure you have a great one can lead to a memorable first impression.
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