Why People Don't Choose An Invisalign Dentist For Invisible Braces
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Why People Don't Choose An Invisalign Dentist For Invisible Braces

12 Nov, 2015

Why People Don't Choose An Invisalign Dentist For Invisible Braces

You may have heard the extraordinary claims recently which suggest that if you visit an Invisalign dentist you'll be able to have invisible braces fitted which are not only virtually undetectable, but can achieve the required teeth alignment in a fraction of the time taken by traditional metal wire braces. The claims go on to suggest that clear braces are more comfortable and more hygienic, and on the surface it does seem that there's really no reason why anyone wouldn't want to choose an Invisalign dentist.
But before you rush off with visions of a perfect set of teeth, it's important to make sure that you are aware of the reasons why some people do not opt for Invisalign invisible braces. Yes, certainly they do offer a range of benefits, but as with anything, there is a downside, and being aware of the potential issues and problems is essential if you are to make an informed choice you'll be happy with and which will ultimately work for you in the way you hope.
If you're not already familiar with the concept of invisible braces you may be wondering just how they compare to metal braces, and in what ways they are different. Metal wire braces are attached to your teeth and gums using tensioned wires and joints which apply pressure on the teeth and gums. Often this metal can stick into the gums, causing ulcers and sores, and once fitted the braces are not usually easy to remove or replace.
Of course one of the most obvious problems for most people with braces is the fact that they look so obvious, and can hardly be disguised. For many people during their formative years their visual appearance, as recorded in every photograph, is the braces they wore. So the concept of invisible braces certainly seems an attractive one, for both young people and adult professionals who would otherwise never consider wearing such distracting braces.
Invisible braces are more like wearing thin sports gum shields, made of a translucent, virtually invisible and undetectable material. The invisible braces can be easily slid off the teeth at any time, and slid back on again just as easily. There's no metal or wires, and nothing to stick into the gums. Because the braces can so easily be removed they offer benefits as far as eating, brushing teeth and even posing for photographs. So it does certainly all sound good. Why, therefore, do some people decide not to take advantage of the option which an Invisalign dentist can offer?
There are two main issues which cause people to decide against invisible braces. The first relates directly to the fact that they can so easily be removed at any time. This is certainly an advantage for many people, but for some people the temptation to remove the braces is simply too strong. They require will power and self discipline - two skills not necessarily possessed in vast quantities by the average teenager!
The other reason is that unlike with traditional metal braces which are fitted and then virtually forgotten for several years, if you decide to choose invisible braces then throughout the entire period you are required to wear the braces, you will need to visit your Invisalign dentist every two weeks. The total period of time you'll need to wear the braces will certainly be less than with metal braces, but that will still require you visiting your dentist every fortnight for up to eighteen months.
However, if this isn't a problem, and you feel you're able to be strong willed enough to leave the braces in for at least 23 hours out of every 24 hour period, then perhaps invisible braces from an Invisalign dentist is the right solution to the smile you're after.

For free, independent and professional advice about choosing an Invisalign dentist, or for more information and news about invisible braces visit The Invisalign Guide.

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