White Bright Smile - 5 Top Tips Towards It!
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White Bright Smile - 5 Top Tips Towards It!

12 Nov, 2015

White Bright Smile - 5 Top Tips Towards It!

Cosmetic dentistry has taken off in a big way in the last half decade, as celebrity magazines accentuate the public's interest with appearance and the prices of procedures decrease. However, if like many people you're still not in a position to pay for cosmetic dentistry, then there are several techniques to whiten your smile.
Cut down on the food and beverages you consume that stain your teeth. Smoking is a major contributor to this problem, and although it's obviously not that easy to just quit, cutting back could make a substantial difference. Similarly, resisting that fifth tea or coffee of the day and choosing white wine rather than red can help over long periods of time. If you commit to these small precautions on a daily basis, they'll build up and help preserve the whiteness already inherent in your teeth.
Brush your teeth at least two times a day. Even better, aim for three times a day: morning, noon and night for approximately two minutes each time. Although this is the most obvious point, it often goes unheeded and as a result, plaque builds up and your gums go without stimulation. In addition, it's also a good idea to brush your teeth after eating any intensely coloured food, such as your favourite curry.
There are many teeth whitening gels and pastes available from high street stores, most at reasonable prices and more often than not, they are fairly successful. It is best to choose by recommendation either from a friend or a professional dentist. Be careful though, as you do hear horror stories of people bleaching their mouths away and giving themselves glow-in-the-dark teeth, so do your research and choose wisely.
Your chosen brand of toothpaste can also make a significant difference to the shade of your dentures. The key ingredient is fluoride, as this is the active agent that prevents cavities, so ensure your toothpaste always contains fluoride. In addition, mouthwash can help the whole process along, reaching areas of your mouth easily missed by your toothbrush. Also, flossing is well worth the little time it takes to clean right in between your teeth, again an area that your toothbrush may miss.
You are what you eat. Eating healthily can help the colour and quality of your teeth. A lot of food can act as cleansers for your teeth, scrubbing away particles that often stick and can stain. Vegetables, fruit and salad are particularly good for this, as are dairy products and white meat rather than red meat. Obviously this applies as part of a healthy diet; always keeping everything in moderation is essential.
Maintain these tips and you are well on the way to a brighter smile.

Zac Colbert writes articles on a number of subjects including tooth whitening and cosmetic dentistry. For more about this James Hull.

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