What Your Teeth, Cheek, Gums, and Lips Can Tell You About Your Oral Health
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What Your Teeth, Cheek, Gums, and Lips Can Tell You About Your Oral Health

12 Nov, 2015

What Your Teeth, Cheek, Gums, and Lips Can Tell You About Your Oral Health

Did you know that if you look in the mirror and really examine and look closely at your teeth, cheek, gums, and lips you can tell a lot about your oral health?
Below are some common clues and what they might mean:
Bleeding or red swollen gums is a classic sign of gum disease or possibly a manifestation of a systemic illness.
Receding gums is another sign of gum disease and/or perhaps a result of incorrect or destructive brushing habits
Yellow teeth can be caused by staining, poor oral hygiene, smoking, or ingestion of certain medications
Dark marks on teeth can possibly be an indicator of dental decay, staining (e.g. coffee and tea), embedded food particles, or smoking remnants.
White spots on the tongue, cheek, lips, and gums can be a sign of pathology (abnormal tissue) which could be caused by a virus, bacteria, irritation or other possible sources that need to be evaluated promptly by a dental professional.
Swollen lips, gums can be a sign of an active infection, allergy or other systemic problem.
Crooked teeth, can be a sign of malocclusion (bad bite), which if left uncorrected, can lead to possible periodontal (gum) trauma.
Dry mouth can be a side effect of medications, dehydration, or possibly a systemic disease.
It's important to keep in mind, though, that while what we see in the mirror can give us some clues, it doesn't tell us the whole story. I recommend that people always follow up their self- exams with a visit to their Dentist or Periodontist.
What about you - anything concerning you when you see your teeth in the mirror?

Dr. Eric Linden is a periodontist (gum disease specialist) in the field of Laser Periodontal Surgery which includes LANAP, periodontics, regeneration, and dental implants. He has been practicing his specialty since 1985. Dr. Eric Linden is one of the first LANAP practitioners on the east coast. With 26 years' experience in periodontal specialty practice, he now performs LANAP laser procedures every day. He has treated thousands of teeth, tooth extractions, implants, and other periodontal procedures with LANAP.

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