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What is the Best Teeth Whitening Product - Teeth Whitening Products Online

12 Nov, 2015

What is the Best Teeth Whitening Product - Teeth Whitening Products Online

Generally speaking there are three types of teeth whitening products that anyone can buy inexpensively online. Nowadays consumers have become more intelligent than ever before, and none more so can this be applied to the industry of tooth whitening, as more and more people are leaving their local dental practises in favour of DIY home whitening kits.
Strips: Teeth strips like those marketed by Crest have been around for a long time. These mass produced plastic strips contain a whitening liquid and a light adhesive. Whilst there have been mutterings of of enamel erosion and gum sensitivity associated with this product, over 90% of all buyers experience success. They usually retail at around $35.
Teeth Trays: Shaped like a mouth-guard, they contain a whitening liquid which you wear for two hours daily. While this is an inconvenience it can be easily managed at night-time. Results are generally positive and I have seen that the only quibble people have is the length of time it takes to get results.
It is important to point out at this point that hydrogen peroxide, a cheap solution that can be found at most drug stores is extremely dangerous, and will destroy irreparably your enamel, creating a blue tinge to accompany it. Many people have tried this route and are now consequently suffering, having no choice but to fork out big buck to their dentist for enamel addition procedures
Swabs: Cotton Swabs that utilize the use of a whitening liquid and powder are currently is best product for whitening teeth. Since '08 over 1 million of these kits have been sold by online companies with only 0.5% returns of goods. Their big advantage is that they only take 3 minutes to apply and once whiteness has been achieved, usually after two weeks, they can be discarded, whilst the whiteness remains.

So you do really want amazing white teeth? Want to flash killer smiles at will?

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