What Causes Bad Breath in Adults
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What Causes Bad Breath in Adults

12 Nov, 2015

What Causes Bad Breath in Adults

What causes bad breath in adults is the one question so many adults would like to know. This Problem for adults can be embarrassing, annoying and very frustrating at times. Do you find that you are conscious and anxious about your breath? Do you find yourself turning your head away while talking to people and even constantly having to buy chewing gum or mints just to hopefully disguise your smell while talking to people? only finding out that chewing gum does you no good at all it actually makes it worse believe it or not. You are not on your own almost everyone will suffer with this problem at some stage in their life.
Causes Of Bad Breath In Adults
The main cause of bad breath in adults is anerobic bacteria. This bacteria is caused by left over food in the mouth. Usually the problem originates in the back of the mouth. Another causes is gum disease and infections. This is an irreversible disease caused by poor oral hygiene. A build up of plaque, bacterial and left over food particles destroy your gums surrounding your teeth. The cause of this problem in adults may also be due to an underlying health condition. These underlying health problems could be diabetes, lung infections or kidney failure
What Causes Your Breath To Become Worse
- Garlic and Onions: This is because they contain pungent oils that are absorbed through your blood stream during digestion, these food odors are then carried to your lungs and the smell is then evident when you exhale.- Digestion of Food: The digestion of food may also cause foul smells to be released through the mouth. Bad digestion and constipation may worsen the smell.- Lack of Flossing and Brushing: This can cause a build up in the mouth and between the teeth of the food we eat.- Dry Mouth: As saliva naturally cleanses the mouth the lack of it will increase the smelling bacteria.- Smoking: This is because the chemical and residue of the smoke is left behind in your mouth and lungs.
- Myths About What Eliminates Bad Breath In Adults
1- Mouthwash: This statement is not totally the truth as mouthwash only temporarily get rid of your problem.2- Brushing your teeth: Again this statement is only partially true because brushing only temporarily solves the problem. As well as it only being temporarily, brushing alone does not get rid of all the bacteria within your mouth.3- Gums and mints: Again this is only a temporary effect. They may also worsen breath as many contain sugar that bacteria feeds on.

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