What Are The Best Dental Plans Available Read This And Decide
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What Are The Best Dental Plans Available Read This And Decide

12 Nov, 2015

What Are The Best Dental Plans Available Read This And Decide

Which are the best dental plans, discount dental plans or dental insurance? I already know the answer to this and what I have to share with you may shock you, especially coming from a former health insurance agent. Here it is...drum roll please...The best dental plans are none other dental plans. Here's why...
Dental insurance is expensive to buy, that is, if you want a decent policy. There are a few things floating around online that say they'll give you insurance coverage for $7-$8 per month, however, I urge you to look at what these policies actually cover before you waste your time and money. You can always buy a policy from an accredited insurance company, but even though you'll be getting a better policy, you'll then be paying higher premiums. Some dental insurance plans can cost as much as $100 per month and they still don't measure up.
The main thing that kills a dental insurance policy is the fact that they do not cover pre-existing conditions at the time you buy it. This means that if you have bad teeth that need to be repaired, you're on your own until you've gone through what's known as a "waiting period". These waiting periods are usually at least 12 months in length and even then most policies won't cover your pre-existing problems 100%. You'll also have to pay a deductible just like any other insurance policy when you visit the dentist. This is in addition to your regular premiums. Granted, if you've had dental insurance for 3-5 years you'll likely have significantly more coverage, but how much will you have paid for the policy by then? See what I mean?
Discount dental plans are inexpensive to join, pre-existing conditions are fine, there are no exclusions, very little paperwork and zero hassles. If you have a toothache, you can see a participating dentist within a day or two and save a whole bunch of money. The only drawback with discount plans is that you must pay for your dental care in full at the time of your appointment, but you would be doing that anyway without a plan and this way you save anywhere from 10%-60% on your visit. The savings far outweighs the cost of joining the plan, especially if you need major dental work done or if you have a family. Take a serious look at discount dental plans before you buy anything. They are by far the best dental plans around.

Watch The New Video - Do Dental Discount Plans Really Save You Money or is Dental Insurance The Way To Go? Find Out The REAL Truth by Visiting or by clicking on Big Discount Dental Plans. Joe Stewart is a former Life And Health Insurance Agent that now works for himself by providing solid, expert information to consumers.

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