What Are Dental Implants and Does It Require Surgery
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What Are Dental Implants and Does It Require Surgery

12 Nov, 2015

What Are Dental Implants and Does It Require Surgery

What are dental implants? Dental implants involves the process of replacing problematic, missing, or badly damaged teeth. This process consists of an artificial tooth that can be constructed by many different materials. They are often constructed and made at dental labs, they are usually implanted by a surgical dentist. When getting such a procedure done, the surgeon will typically look at the structure and natural condition of your jawbone, the essential artifact in determining the placement during the surgical process. The dental implant will be surgically placed into a persons jaw bone, once healed the fused titanium provides a strong and solid root to allow the placement of artificial teeth. Alternatives to the surgery include dentures, however they are not a permanent solution and is used as desired.
There are many benefits associated with this procedure. Not only will it provide an esthetic benefit, they are known to help those with missing teeth improve their speech capabilities. In addition, this procedure is a permanent solution, it provides the patient with confidence knowing that their teeth are properly aligned and provide for a natural look. Although there are always risk associated with this procedure, they are often avoided with proper planning and immediate care. Known risk factors include infections, nerve damage, and in some cases sinus problems. These risks can be alleviated with proper dental care.
After dental implant surgery it is recommended to follow a healthy diet regime to ensure that the healing process progresses properly and the titanium is fused securely. For example, gums must be kept clean and flossing is encouraged on a daily basis. It is also recommended to stay away from starchy foods and avoid chewing on strong objects such as hard candy. If possible stay away from caffeinated products and avoid smoking. Lastly, make sure to visit your dentist regularly and attend all follow-up visits.

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