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Utah Dentures - Save Big $ On Dentures In Salt Lake City & All Of Utah

12 Nov, 2015

Utah Dentures - Save Big $ On Dentures In Salt Lake City & All Of Utah

If you are in need of dentures and happen to live in Salt Lake City, Utah, or anywhere in the state of Utah, for that matter, there's a way that you can save a ton of money off the national average cost of dentures.
You see, the state of Utah falls within a region that is eligible for maximum discounts off of certain dental plans know as "dental discount plans". These discount plans are not insurance policies in any way, shape or form. Unlike insurance, discount plans will provide for pre-existing conditions, like the need for dentures. So if you are in immediate need of dentures you can normally get them within just a few days.
Here is an example of one of these dental discount plans and the savings that they offer on dentures.
This plan is good throughout the entire state of Utah, but I based this example on zip code 84125. There are 488 participating dentists within 50 miles of this zip code so finding someone to accept the plan won't be an issue. As a matter of fact, your own dentist may already be a participating provider! Anyway, back to the example.
The usual cost of upper dentures around the country is $1252.00. Your cost with this dental discount plan is just $694.00. That's a savings of $558.00. The cost of joining this discount plan is only $99.95 per year for an individual or $149.95 for a family plan. So if you live in Utah, need dentures, join this plan for only $149.95, which pays for your entire family for a full year, you'll save $408.05. Also, this is just your first visit! You and your family will continue to save big on cleanings, routine check-ups and major dental, like braces, root canals and more. If you're single your cost of the plan will be $50.00 less!
So if you need dentures and live in Salt Lake City or anywhere else in the state of Utah, take a good look at dental discount plans as an option. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the amount of money you save.

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