Top Ten Things to Know About Teeth Grinding and Clenching
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Top Ten Things to Know About Teeth Grinding and Clenching

12 Nov, 2015

Top Ten Things to Know About Teeth Grinding and Clenching

Did you know that mouth guards can cause or aggravate serious problems outside your mouth? Did you know that mouth guards can be among the most expensive ways to treat teeth grinding and clenching? Do you know the inexpensive way to determine whether you are someone who can benefit from a mouth guard? Would you like to know if you are someone who is likely to wind up with a huge unexpected dental bill? Read on and find out the answers to these and other questions, as you learn the top ten things to know about teeth grinding and clenching.
1) Nighttime teeth grinding and clenching (bruxism) can cause many problems besides worn tooth enamel, including:
Cracked teeth
TMJ problems
Morning migraine headaches
Neck pain
Facial pain
Teeth sensitivity to hot and cold
Jaw pain
Loose teeth
2) Mouth guards on the average don't stop teeth grinding and clenching, and they can increase it. Many people find they clench more with a mouth guard, and while the mouth guard may protect their teeth, the increased clenching can cause or aggravate problems such as morning migraine headaches, neck pain, jaw pain, and facial pain.
3) Most morning migraines are associated with nighttime clenching. The majority of people who regularly experience migraine headaches in the morning clench their teeth at night. You can test yourself at no cost using a biofeedback headband in diagnostic mode.
4) Though nighttime teeth grinding and clenching may initially be a response to stress, it often becomes a habit which remains even after the initial stress has passed.
5) After nighttime clenching becomes a habit, one bad bout of clenching can crack a molar and wind you up with a $6,000 dental bill.
6) Dental procedures which stop grinding by interlocking upper and lower teeth during clenching don't stop the clenching itself, and associated problems such as cracked teeth, migraines, TMJ problems, jaw pain, neck pain, etc.
7) Many dentist-made mouth guards are made from materials which are toxic when chewed on and ingested.
8) Teeth misalignment does not *cause* clenching and grinding, but the feeling of the misalignment can be part of the neurological/physiological cycle that holds a grinding and clenching habit in place.
9) Most nighttime grinding and clenching is habitual and can be significantly reduced or eliminated using habit modification techniques. Some things which different people have found to be effective in reducing or eliminating nighttime teeth clenching and grinding include:
Altering diet
Getting regular exercise
Altering sleep environment (audio environment and/ or sleep surface
Body work such as chiropractic or massage
Stress reduction
10) For many people, there is little difference between the performance of a dentist-made mouth guard (which typically cost dentists less than $50 to make, and which typically sell for $700), and an over-the-counter mouth guard such as is available at CVS or through many websites.

Lee Weinstein is an accomplished inventor and researcher. His better known inventions include the high-tech game Laser Tag, and Radio Fence dog collars. Lee is a registered patent agent with dozens of his own patents issued. He is also the inventor of the SleepGuard biofeedback headband (free 21-day trial available at, which measures how much you clench and grind each night, and can be used with or without a mouth guard in a comprehensive program to help people kick the habit of teeth grinding and clenching.

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