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Top Dental Providers in the US

12 Nov, 2015

Top Dental Providers in the US

If you are looking for dental insurance, then undoubtedly, you will need a list of the best providers so that you can contact them to request quotes or make comparisons. I have prepared the following list below which comprises of the top dental providers in the United States:
Aetna Dental Access
It has 64,000 dental professionals in its network so you can be certain to find at least one specialist in your area that will accept their plans. Their family plans start at $149.95. As this is a large company you can have the peace of mind knowing that you will be taken care of and even though their plans are inexpensive, they offer high quality service.
GE Wellness Plan
GE Wellness Plan not only offers high quality dental coverage, but also pharmacy services and vision insurance that will help you save money on your medical needs and prescription medicines. This is a nationwide dental plan that has a network of more than 9,900 dental care professionals.
Patriot Plan
This Patriot plans aims to provide affordable dental care at rates as low as $99.95 for individuals and $149.95 annually for family dental plans. The plan can also reduce dental fees to up to 50% for maximum savings. The patriot plan has a network of at least 6,500 dental care professionals.
UNI_CARE 200 Discount Dental Plan
With more than 11,000 dentists in its network, you should also consider their plans. They offer many no-cost benefits for those who take their plans such as discounts for hearing care, chiropractic therapy, and vision care as well as prescription drugs. This makes their plan more flexible as well.
Preferred Network Access: Fast Dental Care Savings
They have a nationwide coverage of more than 66,000 dental care professionals making it easier to find the dental care you need. They also have a dental insurance option that makes insurance easy.
Hopefully with the recommendations above, you can easily find you are looking for. Just make sure that you make some price and coverage comparisons before deciding.

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