Toothache Deaths Are Avoidable
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Toothache Deaths Are Avoidable

12 Nov, 2015

Toothache Deaths Are Avoidable

By now most Americans have heard of Deamonte Driver, the 12 year old Maryland youth who died because abscessed tooth treatment was not readily available to him. Hard to imagine that a toothache could contribute to the death of a child. However, it is an unfortunate reality for the Driver family. Driver's infection traveled from the abscess to his brain.
This tragedy could have been prevented, if Deamonte had received ongoing oral check ups combined with preventative treatment.
Deamonte's plight has helped to shed light on the challenges of low income and middle income families. Many Americans struggle to secure adequate medical and dental benefits. While many middle income families have medical plans, they lack adequate dental coverage. Studies have demonstrated that most medical plans do not offer dental coverage. The tragedy of Deamonte's death, underscores the importance of dental medical coverage to assist with routine maintenance as well as, what can often times be extremely expensive procedures. The government has committed to work on a plan to assist those in need. The criteria for eligibility is a long way off from being defined. In the meantime Americans continue to search for solutions.
Fortunately, there are some low cost full coverage dental plans available to consumers to help provide for routine dental check ups and assist with needed medical procedures. No one has to go without a plan for good oral hygiene. Options are available for individual dental coverage as well as, households - starting as low as $11.95 per month.

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