Tooth Whitening Kits at Home - Do They Really Work
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Tooth Whitening Kits at Home - Do They Really Work

12 Nov, 2015

Tooth Whitening Kits at Home - Do They Really Work

Are you self-conscious about your pearly whites because they are less than white? Are you constantly suppressing a big smile for fear of being embarrassed by your discolored teeth? If so, you are not alone as there are millions of people just like you and many of them have resorted to tooth whitening kits at home and have turned their lives around. Believe me you too can have a lovely smile and feel much more confident of your dazzling white teeth and achieve this all at the comfort of your own home.
There are a great number of tooth whitening kits for use at home that are available today. They come in different forms such as strips, gels, and many of them come in packages or kits that contain several products that complement each other to effectively achieve results. But first you need to know why some people have less than white teeth while some have naturally white teeth. The main factors here are age and the lifestyle.
First off, aging is a natural process where all our body ages naturally. In the case of our teeth, the enamel wears down and becomes thinner making the dentin layer beneath it, which is a darker color, more transparent. Then there is our lifestyle. Smoking, eating color staining food and drinks, and poor dental hygiene all serve as factors to discolor teeth. People who smoke, those who frequently drink coffee, tea, and sodas, and those that frequently eat blueberries, beetroot,, and food products containing food coloring tend to have more stained teeth than those that don't.. Of course, those that don't and those that have a regular habit of cleaning their teeth will have a much brighter and whiter smile.
Tooth whitening kits used at home are products that are mostly peroxide based, or work by using this active ingredient to bleach the teeth. It is a common and safe ingredient highly recommended by dental professionals and developed by them as well. Basically, the whitening procedure entails the application of a bleaching agent on the surface of the tooth. This is achieved by either using a strip that adheres to the surface of the tooth or a tray where the teeth are immersed for a certain period of time. With these teeth lightening products, the active ingredients get into the micro crevices of the teeth, cleaning out and dissolving the causes of the discoloration.
Dental professionals recommend tooth whitening kits at home that use strips and trays because they act as barriers forcing the product to have more contact with the surface of the teeth. Depending on the product, these whitening procedures will last around half an hour each day and can show noticeable differences in as little as two weeks or a month. Compared with professional teeth whitening procedures, tooth whitening kits at home methods take a longer time to see whiter teeth as most dental whitening treatments show immediate results after only one session. In fact, using the latest whitening methods, you may need only one procedure to enjoy whiter and more confident smiles.

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