Tonsilloliths - What Are These Things in the Back of My Throat
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Tonsilloliths - What Are These Things in the Back of My Throat

12 Nov, 2015

Tonsilloliths - What Are These Things in the Back of My Throat

Tonsilloliths, also known as tonsil stones, white tonsils or cryptic tonsils, are a subject of only very recent thorough research. In the past and even today, many have had these misdiagnosed as something which antibiotics can treat effectively, and failing this, misunderstood as a precursor to tonsillitis. Eventually, it is generally recommended to undergo a tonsillectomy, completely removing the tonsils with surgery.
The reality however, is that complete removal of your tonsils just to rid yourself of tonsilloliths is grossly unnecessary. Tonsil stones can be removed without surgically cutting out your tonsils. If an apple tree had three moldy apples on it, would you chop down the whole entire tree? Tonsils are our first line of defense when it comes to our immune systems, and with all the new diseases popping up here and there, they are something that we just can't afford to lose so easily.
What these tonsilloliths are is actually quite a very simple thing indeed. On the surface of everyone's tonsils are divots and pockets called crypts (and for this reason, this condition is often called "cryptic tonsils"). Now, these can vary in size from person to person, and according to each person's state of health, but it is within these that tonsilloliths take root. Food particles can get lodged into these, but often wash down when taking a drink, clearing your throat, or coughing.
Sometimes however, this isn't the case. It is then that the stones begin to form. Not quite unlike how an oyster creates a pearl when a particle of sand gets within the shell, mucus begins to form and somewhat solidify around the food particle lodged in the crypt, causing the irritation. Some people attempt to remove these tonsilloliths with toothpicks, which can be dangerous to say the least. Others have turned to natural cures and Traditional Chinese Medicine with permanent results.

If you'd like to learn more about herbal methods of getting rid of tonsilloliths, please visit my website on tonsilloliths.

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