Tonsiliths Treatment - Home Remedies For Tonsiliths Treatment
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Tonsiliths Treatment - Home Remedies For Tonsiliths Treatment

12 Nov, 2015

Tonsiliths Treatment - Home Remedies For Tonsiliths Treatment

Many a times you've noticed a white bump or a number of white bumps on the back of your throat. These can occur in different parts around the tonsils, on the neck and in the mouth. Nearly all of these white bumps are visible with a naked eye. They might appear to be minor ones, but with time they become chronic, if ignored.
Actually, these bumps are caused by sulfur based bacteria and unwanted accumulations of debris near the tonsils. Other symptoms include sore or scratchy throat, bad breath, and a feeling that there is something fixed in the back of your throat.
When the stone grow to be hard, you have no option but to get it removed by surgery. If they are confirmed in time, you can treat them with a few simple home remedies. A number of these remedies for treatment of tonsiliths are given below:
Home Remedies for Tonsiliths Treatment
1. You must include plenty of liquids such as smoothies and fresh vegetable juices. Mixture of beet, carrot and cucumber juice is also helpful in treating tonsiliths. You must keep away from solid foods as it causes more annoyance in the throat.
2. Add 2 tbsp fenugreek seeds in half a liter of water and boil it for about half an hour. Gargle with strained cool water twice a day. Definitely it would be helpful in tonsiliths treatment.
3. Mix the same amount of mustard, jute seeds, horseradish seeds, flaxseeds, radish seeds and barley and grind them. Apply the paste over the tonsils.
4. Consuming a diet including plenty of fruits are very effective in tonsillitis treatment.
5. Avoid smoking and other irritants would surely help in curing the tonsillitis.
6. The bad breath that is caused due to tonsil stones can be prevented by using some mint gargles.

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