Tonsil Stones 101 - What is a Tonsil Stone
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Tonsil Stones 101 - What is a Tonsil Stone

12 Nov, 2015

Tonsil Stones 101 - What is a Tonsil Stone

A Tonsil stone is a whitish or yellowish lump, which develops within the tonsil crypts and eventually falls out when swallowed or coughed up. The feeling of having a foreign body that is stuck in the back of the throat can be discomforting. It is usually a cause of bad breath or halitosis, dry metallic taste in the mouth, sore throat and tonsillitis. If you squeeze a tonsil stone with your fingers, it releases a disgusting smell similar to a rotten egg or a vomit. This horrible smell is caused by the sulfur producing bacteria called anaerobic bacteria that are found at the back of the tongue.
Simply having a good dental hygiene cannot prevent a tonsil stone. You may temporarily get rid of any bad odors through the use of toothpaste, mints or mouthwash, but these commercial products last only for a couple of hours and will not totally eliminate the problem. The good news is you may remove a tonsil stone by yourself even without any medical intervention. Some people poke or scrape it out using a fingernail or toothbrush. Some use a moistened cotton bud to squeeze it and others try to suck a lollipop to dislodge it from their mouth.
A Tonsil stone is generally a combination of food particles, dead white blood cells, overactive saliva, and anaerobic bacteria. It eventually gets larger until it finally works its way out. This usually thrives in adults and teenagers than in children. Symptoms are sore throat, itch or pain within the ear, frequent coughing to clear the throat, tonsillitis, and bad breath. There are different methods you may use to get rid of it, just make sure to remove it the hygienic way.

Aseem Gupta is an Indian online reviewer of niche websites. As tonsil stone sufferer for years, he has finally found solutions on the internet. To learn more about getting rid of a tonsil stone or removing tonsil stones, visit the website.
Aseem lives and works in Aruppukkottai, India. English is his third language.

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