Three Ways to Get the Celebrity Smile You've Always Wanted
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Three Ways to Get the Celebrity Smile You've Always Wanted

12 Nov, 2015

Three Ways to Get the Celebrity Smile You've Always Wanted

Whether you're watching television, reading a magazine, or surfing the Internet, you've probably come across pictures of celebrities and noticed their amazing smiles. Their teeth are white, straight, and basically perfect. Many people wish to have those celebrity smiles that we all see, all the time. The key to the perfect smile is working closely with your dentist. Celebrities aren't born with perfect teeth, but thanks to different types of cosmetic dentistry, they can flaunt their spotless smiles.
Invisalign: Braces That Celebrities Love
Invisalign braces have become an extremely popular type of cosmetic dentistry that allows people to invisibly straighten their teeth. That means no need for the metal and the painful tightening that braces require. Invisalign uses clear plastic trays that are designed to be undetectable while you wear them. The trays are fitted to slowly mold your teeth into a straight position. And since the trays are molded for your mouth, you never have to worry about having them adjusted.
If you want a smile like Tom Cruise or Katherine Heigl, Invisalign may be your cosmetic dentistry answer. In fact, Cruise and Heigl both used Invisalign to straighten their teeth -- and look how perfect their smiles are now. Within 9-18 months of using Invisalign, users will typically see amazingly straight, aligned teeth.
Veneers: Fake But Oh So Flawless
Want a smile like Hillary Duff or Elliot Yamin? Veneers are widely used among celebrities, no matter how bad their teeth looked before. Veneers are used to not only straighten the teeth, but whiten them, and fix any dental flaws that may exist, such as a chipped tooth. Veneers are simply thin shells of porcelain. These shells are fitted to go over the teeth you already have. Both Duff and Yamin use veneers, and painlessly have some of the most perfect smiles in Hollywood.
Though veneers are expensive, sometimes costing thousands of dollars, they are one of the best cosmetic dentistry options available today. Not only will you have a sparkling smile, your teeth will be protected forever. Veneers are fitted for your teeth after the enamel is taken off, and are then sealed with a special type of light.
Tooth Whitening: An Easy Way To Shine When You Smile
Tooth whitening is one of the most affordable types of cosmetic dentistry. This procedure is great for those who have a yellow-tint to their teeth and would like them to be much whiter. Tooth whitening works through an oxidation reaction that is able to work its way into the enamel of the tooth and break apart staining compounds. These compounds can be from food, coffee, and plenty of other things. Since enamel is porous, particles can work their way inside and cause tooth staining.
If you've ever seen Jessica Simpson or George Clooney's smile, you've seen a perfect example of what tooth whitening can do for a person. Sometimes one whitening session doesn't achieve desired results, but after a few sessions, teeth can become as white as ever.
If you really want that celebrity smile that everyone notices, invest in cosmetic dentistry. No matter if you need whiter teeth, straighter teeth, or maybe both, you will be able to find oral cosmetic surgery that can shape your smile into one that reflects the smile of a celebrity.

Christine O'Kelly is a writer for Big Smile Dental, one of the top practices of Chicago dentists that offer cosmetic dentistry. If you need to find a dentist in Chicago, Big Smile Dental is a great choice, as the practice is committed to cosmetic dentistry work and oral care.

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