The Truth About Using Peroxide For Teeth Whitening
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The Truth About Using Peroxide For Teeth Whitening

12 Nov, 2015

The Truth About Using Peroxide For Teeth Whitening

Hydrogen peroxide, which is a weak acid, has been successfully used in teeth whitening solution because its oxidizing properties make it a good bleaching agent.
That is why it can be found in toothpastes and mouth washes. Commercially-available teeth whitening solutions already contain hydrogen peroxide as a bleaching agent. But at home, there are some things you can try to whiten your teeth by using peroxide. Here goes:
Hydrogen peroxide has been used for years globally, and it is safe for teeth whitening. Even the American Dental Association says it's safe. Most whitening solutions contain between 3% and 10% of this acid. If you have never used it, then be prepared for possible feeling of sensitivity. It may react with your gum and a little discomfort will arise. But it's usually nothing to worry about because after you rinse your mouth, the discomfort disappears.
One method you can use at home is to mix hydrogen peroxide with baking soda. Then use the resultant paste like toothpaste to brush your teeth. Don't gulp down the mixture though. After brushing for a couple of minutes, rinse your mouth. Do this routine only once or twice weekly. After some trial-and-error, you should be able to know the baking soda to hydrogen peroxide ratio.
It is important to remember not to swallow the baking soda-peroxide mixture even though dental authorities have said hydrogen peroxide is safe for teeth whitening. If after using it and your mouth continue to feel sensitive long after you have rinsed it, then go and see a dentist immediately.
If you are nervous about making your own concoction, then an alternative would be to buy one of those over the counter products which contain carbamide and/or hydrogen peroxide inside. Commercially available ones, which sometimes are marketed as teeth whitening trays, gels and strips, are generally more pleasant and easier to use. They often also give longer-lasting results.
You may be wondering, how about those whitening toothpaste sold in supermarkets? Sad to say, they are basically a waste of money. If people ever use them, it is because they are using it together with other teeth whitening procedure.
Let's get back to hydrogen peroxide. Although they are effective when used properly, it is still best to have your teeth whiten by dentists or oral surgeons. They know your teeth and can make the appropriate recommendations. Generally, the bleaching agents they use are of a higher quality and can give you more shades than those available over the counter. Then there's laser teeth whitening which they can do.
Going to the professionals will cost more, of course, but you can be assured of the results you so desire. So, if money is no concern, get your teeth whiten by professionals.

Corrie Banji is a freelance writer and has written on many topics for magazines and newspapers. Her latest work is about whitening teeth and baking soda and are teeth whitening products safe?.

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