The Truth About Mouthwash Addiction
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The Truth About Mouthwash Addiction

12 Nov, 2015

The Truth About Mouthwash Addiction

There are a variety of forms of addictions-the most common being alcohol and drugs. However, many people who have a problem with alcohol will turn to anything to get a buzzed feeling if the alcohol is taken away from them. One item in which people turn to is mouthwash. Attempting to use mouthwash to feed an alcohol addiction is a horrible idea with very serious results. Throughout this article we will explore the ins and outs of mouthwash addiction (an alternative to alcohol addiction).
Teenagers and adults alike may turn to different mouthwash brands in an attempt to get drunk. However, the alcohol found within your typical mouthwash is not the same type of alcohol that is found in beer, wine, and liquor. Instead, if you carefully read the labels on these bottles they will specify that consuming more than is used or needed for rinsing will require you to contact a poison control specialist-which is obviously not a good sign.
There are multiple varied issues with consuming mouthwash. Truthfully, many people are completely unaware of the serious consequences of getting drunk off of these mouthwash solutions. For example, an excess amount of mouthwash can leave a person blind. What starts as an attempt to get drunk any way possible soon can lead to an inability to see. Furthermore, consuming it on a regular basis in excess can lead to death. It is clear that mouthwash is not meant for consumption and therefore is a very serious condition. If you know anyone with a mouthwash addiction, be sure to advise them to seek medical assistance and counseling in order to overcome this addiction.
However, some people have been relatively creative and use mouthwash bottles and food coloring in order to hide clear alcohol types-such as vodka. This would make it look as if a person is drinking mouthwash, when in actuality they are just continuing their alcohol addiction in a more discreet manner. Either way, seeking assistance to overcome the addiction is highly recommended.
In conclusion, if you notice someone drinking mouthwash, this is a sign of a serious addiction problem (mouthwash addiction or alcohol addiction). Be sure to look into the matter since consuming mouthwash can lead to very serious conditions such as blindness or even death. Anyone considering drinking mouthwash as a substitute for alcohol should realize this decision could be life threatening.

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