The Bruxism Alternative Solution
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The Bruxism Alternative Solution

12 Nov, 2015

The Bruxism Alternative Solution

There are alternatives solutions to bruxism. These alternatives include mouthguards and a series of exercises and/or massages designed to reduce or eliminate the problem of bruxism. Some people question the science behind these so-called "exercises." But to understand the exercises, you have to understand the condition.
Bruxism affects over a million people worldwide. Some of these people have no idea that they have this condition. That is because a large number of the people that suffer from the condition grind their teeth at night when they are asleep. The only ones who really suffer are the people that sleep with them. But what if you have no significant other to tell you that you grind your teeth at night? What are the signs that will let you know that you might have bruxism?
If you are waking up every morning with any of the following then you might have bruxism:
1. A serious headache.
2. Facial pain.
3. Some of your dental fillings might be damaged.
These are some of the symptoms that you might experience if you suspect that you have this bothersome condition. But even if it is determined that you have bruxism, your doctor will tell you that there are certain conditions that must be met for you to even be considered for surgery. So surgery is not going to be your only alternative.
Mouthguards are a simple premise for the physician to prescribe. Basically your doctor prescribes you a mouthguard to fit your individual dental structure. You wear the mouthguard at night and you chew on the mouthguard instead of damaging your teeth. But the only drawback to it is that it doesn't address one of the underlying problems of bruxism...stress.
These exercises/massages address the stress. They focus on massaging the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ. This joint is central in the treatment of bruxism. Bruxism, TMJ and another disease, sleep apnea, are all related. If you have one, you most likely have one of the other two. The massages/exercises address all of these problems.

The bruxism alternative solution is really another option that the bruxism sufferer can use to improve his/her quality of life. This improved quality of life can never be achieved if you don't take control, and the first step in taking control is seeking knowledge. When you have the knowledge, then you can make informed decisions on your next course of action.
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