The Best Inexpensive Product to Whiten Teeth With
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The Best Inexpensive Product to Whiten Teeth With

12 Nov, 2015

The Best Inexpensive Product to Whiten Teeth With

Being ashamed of dull teeth is not an enviable position. But it is not something that one has to be embarrassed about for long. In an age where the world has become more appearance orientated than ever, it is almost possible to improve every feature that you possess, and whitening your teeth is no exception.
People perhaps, at this moment in time, are probably wary of such products, thinking that the dentist is the only viable and safe option to attain amazing results. They believe this because of the price range that exists between those charged at the dental practises and those at which DIY whitening kits retail at. Unfortunately there is a sad truth behind this.
In the late 1980's when actors in Hollywood were flashing perfect smiles courtesy of their dentists, everyone was dashing to their local dentist to have the same result. Dentists however at this time were under pressure from the actors, whose vanity declared that they didn't want ''ordinary'' people to have such luxuries, kept prices super high.
With the advent of these kits, dentists, rather than lower their prices and admit they were ''playing the market'' maintained their prices and in some cases increased the cost due to lack of customers.
So what are these DIY kits that so often infuriate our dental practitioners? And do they contain the best products to whiten teeth with?
Out of all such kits that I've come across there are only two main ''types'' that work to standards of perfection that you would get if went to the dentist and forked out $900 for a whitening session.
These are teeth trays and the product that makes use of the cotton swab method. These are certainly the best products to whiten teeth easily and inexpensively with.
Teeth trays make use of a mouth guard that you fill with a whitening agent before you wear it. You must wear it for around two hours daily, and while this may seem a hindrance you can always wear at night The results with this are very good, as they offer full coverage (unlike whitening strips) and pearly white teeth.

Better than this though is the cotton swab technique which is probably the easiest and most time efficient way to whiten teeth. Taking only five minutes to apply, you simply in toothbrush fashion, rub the swab around your teeth guaranteeing full coverage. On the swab is a polishing powder and a special formulated teeth whitening liquid.
The result of snow white white usually takes a few days but the handiest thing is that you can easily incorporate it into your morning bathroom schedule when brushing your teeth.
While the teeth trays are effective, the cotton swab method is easily the best inexpensive product out there to gain the set of teeth you always dreamed of.
As a matter of fact, some companies, due to the feedback and demand they are receiving are now offering free trials to show people just how good quality they really are.

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