Teeth Whitening With Light Can Cause Damage
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Teeth Whitening With Light Can Cause Damage

12 Nov, 2015

Teeth Whitening With Light Can Cause Damage

Be aware if you decide to get whiter teeth. Bleaching lights used for teeth whitening provides a risk of skin and eye injury. Advertisement for teeth whitening and the number of sites that perform bleaching has increased dramatically in recent years in addition to the prices for treatment are lowered.
If you want to remove discoloration caused by red wine, coffee, tea, tobacco, medical use or in connection with damage to the teeth, a bleach is applied on the teeth. In one specific bleaching method a special light is used, apparently to expedite the process.
It is alleged that the use of light increases the bleaching efficiency. A new study shows that light does not increase the effect, but only increases the risk of radiation damage. Teeth whitening using light can not be regarded as justifiable and thus breaks with the radiation protection regulations.
Sunburn in the mouth
It is a study conducted by the Nordic Institute of Dental Materials (NIOM) which comes to the conclusion that the use of bleaching light will not cause any acute damage to the skin or eyes, but if a person is exposed to this treatment repeatedly, it is in utmost consequence danger of serious injury. Also staff who perform teeth whitening, and perhaps forget the eye protection, are prone to radiation damage, improper use of bleaching light can cause sunburn in the mouth.
If the individual lamps are too close to the mouth parts, and are not sufficiently protected, you can get sunburned around the mouth or on the tongue due to UV radiation. The eyes are also vulnerable if you are sloppy with protection, such as the use of glasses.
According to NIOM the use of light in teeth whitening is not justified as long as there are no indications of positive effects of such use. The study is presented in an article in the international journal Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences.

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