Teeth Whitening For Dental Fluorosis
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Teeth Whitening For Dental Fluorosis

12 Nov, 2015

Teeth Whitening For Dental Fluorosis

Many individuals that discover that they have the condition called "Dental Fluorosis" find that they may engage in teeth whitening dental procedures in order to remove the staining that is common with this condition. Dental Fluorosis is a condition that occurs naturally when fluoride is overused. This typically occurs over a period of time. Individuals that suffer from this will often recognize a discoloration in their teeth. It is not uncommon to see spots that are white in color and even lines integrated in the enamel of the teeth. While a very challenging experience, if an individual suffers from a mild case of this condition, tooth whitening may resolve the spots and streaks that may occur on the teeth.
Dental professionals will typically use one of two different types of teeth whitening systems on the teeth that have suffered from prolonged, excessive fluoride use. The first system is called "Microabrasion" and the second is bleaching the teeth. If you have this condition and want to engage in tooth whitening, you must understand that the damage that has occurred in the enamel of the teeth is not reversible. The aim of teeth bleaching is not to cure the condition, only to cover up the staining that has occurred as a result of the excess fluoride levels. The whitening system that the dentist uses will actually sort of sand down the outer section of the tooth enamel in order to erase the stains.
Teeth whitening systems are typically not suggested for those that suffer from severe cases of Dental Fluorosis. If you have been diagnosed with this condition or you show the signs of this dental issue, there are many at home teeth whitening kits that may prove to be just as successful as in office treatments. You may choose from standard kits, bleaching tray systems, teeth whitening toothpastes, and even whitening mouthwashes that do not include large amounts of fluoride. Many individuals have discovered that at home whitening kits for Dental Fluorosis are more convenient and affordable than in office professional whitening treatments.

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