Teeth Grinding Guards - Order Your Night Guard Direct From The Lab
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Teeth Grinding Guards - Order Your Night Guard Direct From The Lab

12 Nov, 2015

Teeth Grinding Guards - Order Your Night Guard Direct From The Lab

If I were to tell you that you could purchase your teeth grinding guards from the same laboratory that your dentist orders from directly and save lots of money, would that start to sound interesting to you? This article will point you in the right direction on the process of ordering direct from the lab. Anyone can do it thanks to the internet and a simple process created by the lab.
I sat across from my dentist as he explained that I have something called Bruxism which causes me to grind my teeth at night while I sleep. My options are to buy an Occlusal guard, also known as a night guard, for around $300 that will protect my teeth from further grinding. Or I could not buy the night guard and keep grinding my teeth which would result in the need for extensive oral surgery to replace the teeth that I ground down to the nerves. Well, seeing as how the surgery would cost me thousands of dollars, I opted for the teeth grinding guard.
So the dentist put me through a rigorous process which seemed really complicated and involved some type of paste or putty and it was really messy. It seemed so involved that it didn't occur to me until later that I might be able to buy this night guard somewhere else. With a little searching on the internet, I was able to find a lab that has a really easy process and a really low price.
What your dentist doesn't tell you is that he gets a really low price from the lab and then adds a mark up for taking the molds, and then just adds a little more on top just for pure profit. Sometimes, they even get kickbacks like free bleaching trays or discounts on ordering several mouth guards at a time. The lab I found has been around for years and is used by most dentists today. Their process is that you pay around $70-$80 which includes three-way shipping. They send you a custom night guard kit including the putty you need and trays to take your own impressions. After the putty sets, you mail the impressions back to the lab. In a couple weeks your custom fit night guard arrives in the mail!
One neat thing is that you can order additional night guards from the lab for around $30. These are the same custom fit acrylic thermal night guards you get from you dentist. You can also check for other perks that the dentist usually gets and keeps for himself. Happy saving!

Mitchell Pierce invites you to please visit a great Hubpage located at this link, Teeth Grinding Guards, which has prices and more free information regarding the different types of custom night guards as well as links to the lab also.

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