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Student Dental Insurance

12 Nov, 2015

Student Dental Insurance

A college or university student would often receive offers of a student dental insurance from the school through an insurance company. It offers and may cover several dental services. There are also several insurance types of the student insurance for dental care offered.
Students enrolled in private, some public and boarding schools are also given a chance to get the coverage. Dental insurance for students are more affordable compared with individual insurance. They would also allow the student to choose a dental care provider or a health practitioner. They also do not usually assess the student's condition before being awarded with the insurance coverage.
There are several types of dental insurance offered in school. It is important to understand different insurance types offered to understand what is covered.
1. Dental capitation plan. A specific dentist or dental care professional is recommended to the students. Monthly or annual fees have to be paid which can be added to the student's tuition fee. The capitation plan is usually about the preventive aspects of dental care such as cleanings, checkups, fillings and repairing chipped teeth. Schools would usually offer this one since it is very rare that students would require extensive dental work.
2. Dental plan scheme. With an agreement with the school, a private insurance company would be offering insurance to the students. The company could provide students discount when purchasing the insurance.
3. Discount dental plans. They do not require premiums, only a small amount that will give you access to dentists and get dental services for discounted prices. Aside from basic dental work, these discount plans could also cover major dental procedures in times of emergency.

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