Starting Up A Dental Clinic
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Starting Up A Dental Clinic

12 Nov, 2015

Starting Up A Dental Clinic

There are many things to consider when starting up a dental clinic. First of all, you have to make a business plan. The business plan includes the business goal, the reasons to consider that they are within reach, and the plan for realizing this goal.
Then you have to consider how to finance for the equipment. You might need to make a bank loan. Or perhaps you've recently won a lotto draw, in such a case it's already a done deal. In cases of a bank loan, you have to worry about accounts payable. There is a short term accounts payable which is about as long as the operation cycle of the business which is about 12 months. The long term accounts payable takes more than this time, maybe about 2 years.
The next thing is you have to find a good location for your clinic. Accessibility is the first thing you have to consider. Your location should be easily accessible from the street. If you have to go through an alley then climb four flights of stairs then that would be very difficult to find. You would have to put up a lot of signs with arrows pointing the way to your clinic. It would be a good location if pedestrians could easily see the entrance to the clinic from the sidewalk. A sign for your dental clinic that is positioned within the pedestrians' point of view would have a subliminal effect on them if they see it daily. When the time comes that they need to go to a dentist, their subconscious will lead them to that dental sign that they see everyday.
Then you have to find an architect or an interior designer to plan out your clinic's layout and orientation. The entire area will be divided into the reception area, the operating room, and the dentist's office. The reception area is where the patients can wait for their turn. There should be a reception counter where the receptionist has access to records, a personal computer, etc. Place a television set overhead and a rack full of magazines so that patients don't get bored while waiting. Situate the dental chair so that there is ample space to move around it. The location of the sink should be easily accessible from the dentist's side of the dental chair. Place a lot of cabinets over and under the sink.

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