Soft Drinks Speed Aging, Rot Teeth
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Soft Drinks Speed Aging, Rot Teeth

12 Nov, 2015

Soft Drinks Speed Aging, Rot Teeth

For as long as you can remember, you have probably been hearing that fizzy sodas are bad for your teeth. But did you ever stop to wonder why these are so harmful? Moreover, did you realize that they may actually speed the aging process? Before you open that can of cola, read on for info about how sodas harm teeth, and how an affordable dental plan may help.
How Do Soft Drinks Harm Teeth?
Sugary, carbonated beverages have emerged as one of the greatest causes of tooth decay in this country. The acids and sugar byproducts of which they are composed soften the hard enamel on the outside surface of your teeth, paving the way for cavities. In the most severe cases, tooth loss can even result from compromised enamel and the gum disease that can accompany it. Although diet sodas are sugar free, their high acid content can still do serious damage.
How Do Soft Drinks Speed up Aging?
Although research is still in the experimental stage and has primarily been conducted on mice, research from Harvard Dental School of Medicine suggests that the high levels of phosphate in sodas can speed up the aging process. Granted, mice are different from humans in many respects, but the ways their bodies react often mimic what happens to people. In their research, Harvard scientists found that high phosphate levels caused reduction in growth rate and weight, and the atrophy of muscles, skin and organs in laboratory rodents. Whether elevated amounts of phosphate will ultimately prove to have a similar effect in people is unknown. However, there certainly seems to be a possibility that the high phosphate amounts in sodas are anything but healthy for humans.
Mitigating the Effects of Sodas
Like most Americans, you probably enjoy a sugary carbonated beverage more often than you care to admit. Reducing your soda consumption is certainly a wise idea. In addition, regular oral care can be vital in preventing the tooth decay that these beverages can cause. If you have an affordable dental plan, you may want to take advantage of it by seeing your dentist every six months. By maintaining a consistent schedule, you and your dentist can work together to prevent, detect, and treat problems before they become more costly.

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