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Smile You're on Candid Camera

12 Nov, 2015

Smile You're on Candid Camera

The phrase smile your on candid camera has been around for quite some time now but how did it come about? Well, back in the 1990's when technology was being developed, the use of recording people's actions was used. This meant that someone could be recorded without knowing that they were being recorded. They were filmed for a short time until they did something funny or rather more embarrassing. It was at this point, they found out they were on camera and the phrase smile your on candid camera came about.
The phrase itself however, in an English language sense, suggests that when people say the catchphrase, people should actually stop and smile for the camera. For the majority of people this would be perfectly ok. People would stop, look at the camera and open up their mouth giving a shiny bright white smile to anyone that would be watching them. Some people however, may have felt quite bad as they may have felt that they did not have a particularly good smile. Perhaps they had not looked after their teeth properly and their smile was not as nice as someone else.
For this reason, and many others too, a service was created to brighten up people's smiles. This service meant that people could purchase lazerteeth whitening and this would whiten their teeth. This service is basically there for people that want to improve their looks and feel more confident generally. This could be in their daily lives, at work or at social gatherings, or maybe as a result of their new role on television. Having appeared as part of a candid camera scene and found that people did actually find them amusing, they may have been invited back to participate in more camera work. For them, making sure they looked the part was of the utmost importance. So in future, when someone says smile your on candid camera, people have the opportunity with the lazerteeth whitening service to always look their best!

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