Sleep Bruxism - The Consequences When Left Untreated
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Sleep Bruxism - The Consequences When Left Untreated

12 Nov, 2015

Sleep Bruxism - The Consequences When Left Untreated

Sleep bruxism is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide. The one thing that needs to be sought is professional treatments. Dental experts should be the first point for treatment advice. The condition directly affects the temporomandibular joint which is often referred to as TMJ.
TMJD is the term given to a temporomandibular joint disorder. This can occur as a consequence of untreated sleep bruxism which is why steps should be taken to reduce the sleep bruxism episodes.
There are various methods that can be taken to both cut the teeth grinding activity and also to for the prevention of further dental damage caused by the habitual grinding. The most common prevention method is to use a protective mouth guard to prevent the teeth coming into direct contact that will cause damage to the teeth enamel.
While a mouth guard will prevent further damage being done to the dental framework there are other more natural and organic methods that can be put into practice to alleviate the teeth grinding episodes. One of the main contributing factors to sleep bruxism episodes is associated with high levels of stress. This has been known to be the core issue that results in the habitual form of teeth grinding. By tackling the underlying issues many have overcome the TMJ pain that they were so often used to awakening too.
As well as the above methods there is also additional dietary nutrients that can be taken to strengthen the TMJ muscle and lessen the pain caused by the grinding and jaw clenching episodes.

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