Sedation- Management of Risk
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Sedation- Management of Risk

12 Nov, 2015

Sedation- Management of Risk

Dental Sedation: management of risk in Dubai dental Clinics.
Dental sedation is a safe and effective method of anxiety control for patients undergoing dental treatment but you need to have a proper procedure in place, says Dental protection.
Sedation can be provides by using drugs in several ways such as oral, inhalation or intravenous delivery, although each has its own merits and risks. Sedation is considered to lie within the skill of a general practitioner who has received appropriate post graduate training.
Nervous patient: some patient find it difficult and some distressing to accept even the most routine of dental procedures when fully conscious and aware. Sedation has been linked in the past to dental anesthesia. However, the move in most countries is a way of the provision of general anesthesia for most primary dental care procedures and, where it is deemed appropriate to provide it, to do so in specialist centers staffed by experienced medically qualified specialist.
Most sedative drugs cause a loss of inhibition and some are hallucinogenic. That is the nature of the action. The scientific literature contains no authoritative evidence, including randomized control trials, to establish the frequency of sexual fantasies.
Once the operative procedure has been completed, the patient will on most occasions still display a residual level of sedation and will need time for further recovery before discharge or transfer to nursing care.
The patient may not remember any postoperative instructions given to them at the time of the treatment. For this reason, it is important to provide both preoperative instructions and postoperative instructions in written form. Where appropriate these instructions should be reinforced verbally with the accompanying person whose role it is to supervise the patient on their return home from surgery.

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