Root Canal Pain and Fears Are Soon to Become As Real As Harry Potter Stories
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Root Canal Pain and Fears Are Soon to Become As Real As Harry Potter Stories

12 Nov, 2015

Root Canal Pain and Fears Are Soon to Become As Real As Harry Potter Stories

Fans of fiction and myths can't help but be blown away by characters like Harry Potter in their horrific adventures. These are quite fascinating stories that you know are not real, but only a product of the author's creativity and imagination. Such should be the attitude towards going to the dentists nowadays, especially those due for root canal treatments.
In the past, the pain experienced by patients who underwent root canal surgery was real and so, there is a clear basis for fear among potential patients. These days, with the advent of new technology and the advances in anesthetics, the pain is nothing more than a figment of the patient's imagination. The horror stories of before are now only considered as myths or misconceptions.
Here are some of the misconceptions about getting a root canal treatment:
"Awfully painful
In the olden days of the root canal procedure, pain was really a part of the process. With modern technology and reliable anesthetics, all the patient will be a bit bothered about are the pressure during the surgery and some soreness afterwards. You don't even have to worry about the pain when the anesthesia fades off because there will be prescriptions for pain relief.
"Needs frequent dental consultations
The treatment for root canal takes only about two visits to the dentist. First is the procedure to remove the pulp. The next is the capping or replacement of the tooth for a permanent crown.
"Can trigger other illnesses
This is a very safe and effective procedure for dental hygiene and health. There is a greater chance that a person will get infections or disease with untreated teeth than with this worthwhile dental treatment.
"Roots are removed
The pulp is the part that is removed during the procedure, not the root of the affected tooth.
"Not recommended for pregnant women
It is perfectly safe for a pregnant woman to undergo this kind of treatment if necessary. The X-rays on the mouth only entail minimal exposure and they are far from the abdomen. Besides the belly is protected during the X-ray as well. Just tell the dentist about your condition immediately. The anesthesia used to sedate the patient is also safe for all pregnant women.
"Tooth will still fall off soon
The tooth would last a lifetime depending on how you take care of it. You should maintain good oral hygiene and go to the dentist for regular checkups.
"No pain, no need for root canal
Others think that because they don't feel anything painful, their tooth is in good shape. There are some cases of decay that are painless but the abscess is already in an advanced state.
"Extraction is a better option
While pulling off the tooth is faster, it is not recommended because you will lose a tooth. That can affect your entire teeth alignment over time as well as alter your facial structure.
"Tooth will be fine unattended after the treatment
People think that if they ignore the decay or the pain, it will go away. This is 99.99% false. The pain is already a symptom that the teeth are already in their worst condition. is a professional dental practice which provides services such as the 6 month smiles and information about dentists Manchester. Visit our web site for professional UK based dental advice.

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