Remove Tonsil Stones Before It's Too Late
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Remove Tonsil Stones Before It's Too Late

12 Nov, 2015

Remove Tonsil Stones Before It's Too Late

If you are just beginning to suspect you have tonsil stones, it is definitely the best time to remove tonsil stones. Unfortunately, most people wait much too long to get rid of them, and the consequences can be severe. So, it is best to catch them early and remove them using some basic techniques.
The tricky thing about discovering the stones is that they are often mistaken for symptoms of other problems. If you happen to see them in an early stage of development, they are easily mistaken for trapped food particles.
The symptoms start off so mild, that often times they are overlooked entirely. Even as the condition worsens, the accompanying signs can easily be dismissed.
For example, one of the classic symptoms is bad breath. The tonsilloliths are composed of calcified mucous, bacteria and dead white blood cells, so it is small wonder that they smell horrid.
Most people have occasional bouts with bad breath, so they take the traditional steps to rectify the situation.
They experience temporary improvement, however they are puzzled when it always returns.
The same phenomena occurs with another symptom, a sore throat. Most people take the traditional steps to get rid of a sore throat, and can't understand why it keeps returning. Often times, worse than before.
If you even SUSPECT that you may have them, it is best to remove tonsil stones while they are in the beginning stages.
Actually, when they are quite small, it is sometimes possible to gargle them out using a salt water solution. Or, a relatively strong coughing spell may remove them.
Like so many other conditions, the key is early detection. As they get bigger, they become harder and hold on more stubbornly to the crevasses of the tonsils.
If they are quite small, but visible, some people will remove tonsil stones using a cotton swab, or even tweezers. The stones have to be exposed and gently "nudged" from their "hiding" spot.
So, if you experience any of the classic symptoms, it is better to be safe than sorry!

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