Preventing Buck Teeth
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Preventing Buck Teeth

12 Nov, 2015

Preventing Buck Teeth

They say that the best approach to dental care is to prevent problems from occurring so as early as possible you should bring your kids to the dentist. Problems such as buck teeth and early childhood caries can be prevented with proper assistance and guidance from your trusted dentist.
Proper care for a child's teeth should start even before the eruption of the firs tooth. You may not notice it but teeth are starting to form under your child's gums. So it is advised to lean your baby's gums with a soft cloth after feeding. Harmful bacteria accumulate in the gum that is why it is a must to clean the area. When the first tooth starts to erupt you should star brushing with a soft bristled brush and a clean, soft gauze.
Dental caries is a result exposure of the child's teeth to liquids containing too much sugar such as milk or juices. It is important to teach your kid drinking milk from a cup as early as possible and to discontinue feeding in a bottle especially at night. At first it may be convenient bottle feeding your kid's at night but eventually dental caries will develop.
With buck teeth, this develops when your child thumb sucks or use pacifier until he develops his first set of teeth. Encourage your kid to stop these habits early on to prevent deformities in the teeth.
As parent's it is your role to supervise your kid's at home. Your dentist can only remind you, give you instructions or show buck teeth picture to let you know how serious your child's habit can be. It is best to prevent any of these problems than letting your child go through all the humiliation o being teased in school or go through the pain of undergoing corrective measures. Spare your child from all these traumatic situation by preventing the problem.

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