Portable Dental Kits Are Essential For Good Oral Hygiene
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Portable Dental Kits Are Essential For Good Oral Hygiene

12 Nov, 2015

Portable Dental Kits Are Essential For Good Oral Hygiene

Before we go into how you can get your own portable dental kits, here is some information on why they are so important for you and your family.
Why Using a Portable Dental Kit is So Important for Oral Hygiene
We all consume a significant amount of sugar, no matter how diligent we try to be about our diets. You might think a breakfast consisting of milk, cereal and fruit juice would be a fairly healthy way to begin your day. In general, you'd probably be right, depending on the specific type of cereal. However, this meal contains a substantial amount of sugar and is considered harmful to our teeth. It is just one example of how we might unknowingly consume a great deal of sugar as part of our daily routine.
In addition to fruit juices and typical breakfast cereals, many other foods and beverages you might consume on a daily basis are high in sugar. These foods include bread and other starchy foods, carbonated sodas, and coffee or tea sweetened with sugar or honey. You or your children might also eat chocolate, non-chocolate candy and other sweet items such as pies, cakes or pastries, at least on an occasional basis. Naturally, you don't always eat or drink these sweet foods and beverages at home, where you can easily brush and floss your teeth immediately. Portable oral hygiene kits can take care of the oral hygiene problems that eating and drinking these items away from home can so easily create.
Our children often eat candy and other sweets on special occasions such as birthdays, Halloween and Christmas. Sometimes adults join them in enjoying these treats. Once again, the oral hygiene issues caused by doing this away from home can be solved by using portable kits.
People are beginning to realize the importance of practicing proactive oral hygiene even when they're away from home. That's where portable dental kits come in, and that's why they're growing steadily in popularity. They aren't just helpful for special occasions; instead, they should be used any time you or your family members consume foods or beverages away from home.
Assemble Your Own Portable Dental Kit
You'll find it very easy to put together portable oral hygiene kits. Many pharmacies and grocery stores carry sample or travel sizes of oral hygiene products, and that's the size you should use. After all, you don't need to carry around a full size tube of toothpaste, for example. Smaller sized products will make your dental kit easier to carry with you.
Moreover, your portable dental kit doesn't need to be completely comprehensive and include every single thing you might ever need to use in your oral hygiene. You want your portable dental kit to be just that - easily portable - or you're defeating its purpose. In other words, portable dental kits must be easy to carry and use while you're away from home and the more complete oral hygiene products you use in your own bathroom. Portable dental kits must, however, include certain essential items or they won't be able to do their job properly.
The items that should always be in your portable dental kit include not just products that are intended to prevent or cover up bad breath. They should also include items that will give you the ability to practice good oral hygiene while you're away from your home. You should strongly consider stocking your kit with a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth rinse and dental floss. Once again, remember that trial or travel sizes are preferable in order to make it easier for you to take your kit with you. You'll also need a small water-resistant bag to keep these items in.
Purchase a Pre-Packaged Portable oral hygiene kit
If you'd rather not be bothered assembling your own portable dental kit, you can buy one of the pre-packaged kits that are commercially available. They contain the same types of products as portable dental kits you put together yourself, but you'll pay more for the convenience.
In addition to facilitating good oral hygiene while you're away from home, portable dental kits allow parents to teach their children how important good daily oral hygiene really is. Don't stop there, however: teach your children good habits by eating foods which contain less sugar.

Virginia Jacobs kindly invites you to visit her comprehensive dental care website where you will find more information about portable dental kits and answers to your general questions about dental care and oral hygiene, as well as a free newsletter with oral health tips and advice.

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