Polishing Teeth - Procedure and Benefits
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Polishing Teeth - Procedure and Benefits

12 Nov, 2015

Polishing Teeth - Procedure and Benefits

Polishing is frequently the final stage of dental cleaning and scaling, along with certain other processes. This method removes stains and polishes and smooths the tooth or surface.
What exactly is polishing?
Polishing often serves as the last step of dental procedures such as cleaning and scaling (deep root cleaning), or restorative processes such as replacement of a crown. Some stains are removed, as it polishes and smooths the surface of restoration or the tooth.
What is the procedure for polishing?
As a final touch, the dentist or hygienist polishes the patient's teeth after the routine cleaning, scaling and planning procedure. Your dentist may polish any additional restorations installed, such as a crown or composite. Your dentist will utilize either a prophy jet polisher or a rubber cup polisher. Polishing paste is contained in this cup, which is positioned against the surface of the tooth on a rotating handpiece. You could compare this to gently power sanding and buffing your teeth.
The prophy jet - so named because it uses baking soda and a jet of water - acts like a power washer to smooth and polish teeth. Both processes work very well to remove some stains and leave the teeth with a polished, smooth look.
Should I consider getting my teeth polished?
Although polishing is not unusual and can help some cases, it isn't required with customary cleaning. Your dentist will answer any questions you have about when and why he recommends tooth polishing.
Polishing takes out fluoride-rich outer layers of your enamel to avoid occurrence of tooth decay. Your qualified dentist in New Jersey will perform polishing only to surfaces that bear visible stains. Structures that do not have stains do not need polishing. Your teeth's coronal surfaces is polished using rubber cups, abrasive, brushes, dental tape, and porte polishers. This dental prophylaxis procedure removes supragingival deposits. The polishing paste used by pro dentists has smaller particle sizes than the area or composite that needs polishing. Larger polisher particle sizes than the composite area tend to roughen the surface. Polishing uses zirconium silicate paste for polishing and stain removal. You have the best materials, procedure, and services when you come to us for dental care!

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