Periodontal Disease Treatment With Electronic Toothbrush
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Periodontal Disease Treatment With Electronic Toothbrush

12 Nov, 2015

Periodontal Disease Treatment With Electronic Toothbrush

Oral hygiene and regular maintenance has been a pride of mine. It's one thing I feel that if I keep on top of it I'll always have healthy teeth. Well despite my best efforts I still drew the short straw and was diagnosed with Periodontal Disease at the age of 28. Unfortunately it had progressed so much in such a short time that I was left with very little jaw bone to hold my teeth in place. Drastic measures had to be taken immediately lest I loose my teeth:(
My dentist and oral hygienist were quick to recommend an Oral B Electric Toothbrush. It was much more expensive than the cheaper alternatives yet well worth it. Turns out that a quality electronic toothbrush is much more rigorous in the cleaning of your teeth than a you could ever be by hand. Not to mention it is gentler on your teeth so you don't risk harming the enamel and or gum tissue.
After a year of brushing with an electronic toothbrush the results have been profound. My gums are healthier and never bleed when getting brushed. My teeth are whiter as the brush penetrates deeper and knocks loose more debris than manual brushing. And it's not only my word that backs up using an electric toothbrush. Countless studies have shown that consistent brushing with an electric toothbrush such as the Oral B Toothbrush has a positive impact on your oral health.
I have a hard time going back to manual brushing when I'm on business travel. I can immediately feel a difference in my mouth. Simply put using an electric brush feels like getting one of those routine teeth cleanings at your dentist every single night!
The brush was expensive up front. About $80 but honestly it saved me from thousands of dollars in expensive dental bills to fix my teeth should my periodontal disease have progressed. Not to mention all the pain of invasive oral procedures.
A couple extra notes my dentist gave me. He mentioned you should break your mouth into four equally sized sections. Then brush each section for 30 seconds a piece. Next he said only use a small pea sized dollop of toothpaste at each brushing. This is due to the abrasive nature of toothpaste which can actually harm your enamel if you use too much. Lastly, he said you should always replace your brush heads at least once every 3 months. This is because they go limp and can no longer maintain the force required to push loose the plaque and debris attached to your teeth.
Hope this was interesting to you. It's rather a conglomeration of my most recent experiences with oral health. I think that you'll really get some good value out of it and highly recommend trying a new tooth brush!

Hey my name is Matthew. I'm an engineer that has taken an interest in writing and sharing my various health base experiences with you. Thanks for taking the time to read my articles. If you enjoyed them you can read more about this topic and other health based articles at this link, Oral B Electric Toothbrush.

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