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Open Your Mouth Wide Please

12 Nov, 2015

Open Your Mouth Wide Please

Are you lucky enough to be registered with an NHS dentist? They're increasingly rare now and if you're not already registered, you could have quite a struggle to find a dentist offering NHS facilities.
If you're still with an NHS dentist, you'll know that treatment is not free, unless you come under the few exceptions, such as pregnancy and new motherhood, being in receipt of benefits, or being under 18 or you're a full time student under 19. You need to attend for regular check ups or treatment - a lapse of 15 months means that the dentist is not obliged to continue with the dental care.
Check ups should not be neglected and a regular one means that the dentist can examine not just your teeth but your whole mouth to look for early signs of problems which, if left untreated, could develop into much more serious conditions. The good news is that there are lots of insurance products designed to help you with the costs of dental care, so that you can budget for this important health-check.
A typical one offers full repayment for all your NHS routine treatments and similar cover for remedial and restorative work via the NHS. The same insurer offers a premium policy for those who have chosen a private dentist for their treatment. In this case, there is what they describe as "a generous" repayment when the visit is for a routine check up and half of the sum paid for "restorative and remedial treatments".
Obviously it's vital to read the small print - as it is on any policy document wording, but both the above options offer worldwide cover for dental injury or emergency treatment as well as mouth cancer cover. There's a ceiling on the amount of cover under these circumstances - for instance the worldwide dental cover is limited to 800 pounds per year and will undoubtedly have a limit on the amount of time spent abroad, but if you're in trouble and need a dentist, then it's a comfort to know it won't hit your pocket too much. The mouth cancer cover is 12,000 pounds.
The fact that this type of policy will cover you immediately you accept the terms, without any need for an appointment for the dentist to check the condition of you dental health means it's quick and easy to arrange. You can choose which dentist you go to and it covers emergency treatment wherever you are.
With such a great range of policies with so many different exclusions and provisions, it's as well to ask for advice from some-one who specializes in this type of insurance. An on-line insurance adviser will be able to find some really good deals, tailored to suit your circumstances.
When you're twiddling your thumbs in the dentist's waiting room, you're sure to spot leaflets and advertisements for dental healthcare plans. These are normally monthly payment schemes which make provision for regular examinations, x rays and hygiene care. Your dentist will perform a preliminary examination of your mouth and estimate the amount of care you're likely to need in the coming 12 months. There's the added benefit of an insurance aspect if you need emergency treatment whilst travelling abroad too. Whatever you're dental needs, it's up to you to ensure that you can receive treatment when you need it.

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