Opalescence 20, 10, 15, and 35% Whitening Review
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Opalescence 20, 10, 15, and 35% Whitening Review

12 Nov, 2015

Opalescence 20, 10, 15, and 35% Whitening Review

Opalescence Whitening System
Opalescence is a powerful tooth bleaching gel from Ultradent, based on carbamide peroxide gel with potassium nitrate and fluoride (PF). It comes in different carbamide peroxide concentrations from 10%, 15%, 20%, and their newest option, 35%. Individuals with more sensitive teeth or gums will be better suited to lower concentrations.
Reviews for the product in all its varieties are quite high but overall, customers are most often satisfied with the Opalescence 20%. Many people find 10 and 15% too weak and 35% too strong. Customer feedback and reviews for Opalescence 20 are almost universally positive no matter where you look and have some of the highest ratings for any tooth whitening gel we could find! We are left with the conclusion that Opalescence 20 is one of the top tooth whitening gels currently on the market. To emphasize this point we will be referring specifically to 20% concentration throughout this review but if you feel a different carbamide peroxide concentration is better for you, substitute your own number as this review and information is equally applicable for all Opalescence concentrations.
Don't Buy Opalescence 20 From Your Dentist!
Be aware that, as with any tooth whitening gel, purchasing Opalescence through your dentist can cost you up to ten times its normal price or even more!! If you need a second opinion we definitely recommend you ask your dentist about Opalescence but don't buy it there! The reason is that Opalescence whitening system has become available online from trusted distributors so you can save a TON of cash by purchasing the exact same product at a fraction of what your dentist would charge.
In Addition to Opalescence 20 You Will Need...
You may have already guessed it: teeth whitening trays. These are a necessary component to the Opalescence whitening system and if you already have a set from your dentist or elsewhere then use those but if you don't, you may need to pick up a set. This is because, although Opalescence is a take-home whitening kit, it was originally intended to be distributed by dentists, who might charge an additional $300+ for a set of fitted tooth whitening trays. Unless you have money overflowing your pockets, this price is not ideal and you can order nearly identical quality custom teeth whitening trays elsewhere. It is possible that some Opalescence whitening kits now come with trays but unless specifically stated, assume that you will need your own.
When choosing your bleaching trays, be aware that a good high quality tray will improve the effectiveness of the Opalescence whitening treatment and can last indefinitely for future treatments. Also, as with any tooth bleaching gel, Opalescence 20 is to an extent, an ongoing treatment because you will probably get new stains over the years. Therefore getting a good quality set of whitening trays that you can trust is an investment you will never regret.
More Tips for Opalescence Whitening PF Gel
- If you don't know how sensitive your teeth are, try starting in the middle with Opalescence 20% carbamide peroxide concentration.
- During application, if excessive gel gets on the gums, brush it off with a toothbrush or wipe it off with a cotton ball or tissue.
- Never begin a treatment with an overnight exposure unless you are certain you do not have a strong sensitivity to Opalescence whitening gel. If your carbamide peroxide concentration allows for overnight exposure (as stated in the instructions), when you try it for the first time, set your alarm for the middle of the night so you can wake up and see how sensitive your teeth and gums feel then. It could save you some pain from the next day!
- If you have never used it before, start your Opalescence whitening treatment with a smaller dosage and shorter exposure and if the sensitivity is tolerated well, work your way up from there (but always within the instructed limits).
- Store Opalescence gel in the fridge when not using for an extended period of time. Shelf life is approximately two years refrigerated and one year at room temperature.
Whether you choose Opalescence 20, a different concentration, or a different whitening treatment altogether, best of luck with your teeth whitening!

Daniel Delos is a reviewer for teeth whitening treatments.
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