Onion, Garlic And Other People's Bad Breath
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Onion, Garlic And Other People's Bad Breath

12 Nov, 2015

Onion, Garlic And Other People's Bad Breath

Remember the last time you chewed a mint gum, and how fresh your mouth felt? Do you remember how long that freshness lasted? A couple hours, maybe -- 1-2 hrs max -- before you had to pop in another gum? It felt like a subconscious act, reaching for that box of mints and popping in as required. Use as directed.
Now remember the last time you ate an onion bulb or some garlic cloves? A weird thing to remember, but the fact is -- Do you remember how long "that" taste (the taste of onions and garlic) lasted in your mouth? Can we say 4-5 hrs based on whether or not they were cooked or raw-n-fresh? Bottomline is, even with mints, mouthwashes and toothpaste, the smell of onions and garlic lasts longer in your mouth than the smell of mint chewed every half-hour or so.
So if we were talking about bad breath here (which we are), if you had enough onions and garlic for lunch, you'd never feel the need to use breath fresheners again.
Bad joke, I admit. And apologize.
So what do you do when it's not you who's had more than his/her share of onions and garlic, but someone else you know, like ...
- your boss
- you boss's spouse
- your spouse
- your friendly neighborhood gossip-monger (god forbid)
- your long-lost-but-recently-discovered boyfriend / girlfriend who seems to want something from your wallet.
...and they decide to strike up a conversation with you
...that runs into hours
...on your own front lawn
...on a Sunday morning
...when you're sunbathing
...or trying to get some hammock-time.
You could use a pepper spray on them, wear a pollution mask, ignore them long enough in the hope that they'll take the hint and leave, or, you could just put up with them -- bad breath and all.
Statistics (and studies) say you'd put up with them. Because you're a polite human being who'd hate to hurt anybody's feelings. Imagine how many of us actually put up with other people's indiscretions (especially bad breath) -- in overcrowded buses, streets, offices, malls, elevators, parties, meetings, and more -- just so we'd be considered polite and non-fussy.
I'd suggest carrying a bottle of breath freshener at all times. That way, if we (the sufferers of other people's bad breath) feel the stink-attack making us dizzy and nauseous, we'd be at liberty to spray just a teeny-tiny litle squirt into that offending mouth. Just tell them 'This hurts me more than it hurts does.' -- And it does.
That should put an end to most empty conversations, bad breath and all.

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