Odd Oral Tattoos
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Odd Oral Tattoos

12 Nov, 2015

Odd Oral Tattoos

Life is filled with simple pleasures such as laughing and smiling and maintaining a healthy grin is part of that equation. No two mouths are identical and while some may suffer from dental issues like amalgam tattoos, while others may just want a dental tattoo as a way to show of their individuality.
One odd oral tattoo is called an "amalgam tattoo." Unlike professional designed body art, this type of mark only comes in gray, blue or black and is caused when little bits of dental amalgam get stuck under oral membranes. Dental amalgam is one of the types of materials used in dentistry for filling cavities. Although the component does have trace elements of mercury in it, the patchy spot created by the filling is only a cosmetic, not medical, issue.
The visual problem generally occurs during dental procedures. Professional dentists work with many tools, and some of them can accidentally chip of little fragments of amalgam. If the little particles are forced off with extreme velocity, they may become lodged in any surface in the oral interior. It is not unusual for a patient to end up with the mild discolorations in their tongues, cheeks, mouths and roof.
Unlike the above phenomenon, dental tattoos happen by special order only. Dental tattoos do not require ink injection directly into a tooth's surface area; instead a false crown provides the canvas for the artistic tooth expression. Typically a dental crown featuring an inked-on design is implanted. While a majority of dental tattoo fans prefer to adorn their molar, there have been cases of people showcasing the tiny art front and center on their front teeth.
According to Steve Heward Utah-based dental technician credited for pioneering the technique, the prices for the dental tattoos he charges ranges between $75 and $200.

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