Natural Bad Breath Remedies
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Natural Bad Breath Remedies

12 Nov, 2015

Natural Bad Breath Remedies

Bad breath has hounded every human being for centuries. Although some people tend to ignore it, it is frowned upon by majority of civilized society. Not only does it reflect an unclean attitude and lifestyle, but it also indicates the possibility of the presence of internal and concealed ailments.
Today, many remedies are available in the market for dealing with it. Some of them are capable of eliminating it within a matter of minutes. However, to assume that the credit should go solely to the manufacturers of those products would be unfair, for a lot of those remedies have been developed in the lines of natural remedies that have existed for centuries.
Natural remedies are simple and safe ways of dealing with it. Contrary to what one might think, natural remedies are often quite rapid in their action and eliminate bad breath in a matter of seconds. Moreover, the adverse effects that several forms of medication might result in are also not effected by these remedies. This is because these are purely natural preparations that do not involve chemicals.
Quick remedies that can be utilized in any household are baking soda, charcoal and salt-water. By gargling with salt and water, brushing one's teeth regularly with baking soda or consuming small amounts of activated charcoal, one may prevent it without adverse effects. These natural bad breath remedies are still utilized widely in the rural areas.
Certain herbs contain essential oils that are fragrant on the one hand, and also eliminate the bacteria that cause bad breath on the other hand. These include fennel, mint and parsley. The chewing of these herbs also facilitates salivation, ensuring that the internal surface of the mouth also remains moist.
Other herbal items that may be chewed are myrrh, cloves, cardamom, spirulina and filberts. Even the sucking of a lemon wedge can help as a natural remedy.
Chewing of chlorophyll can also facilitate the prevention of it. Chlorophyll has a naturally deodorizing effect that nullifies the bad odor in anyone's breath. Tablets of chlorophyll are available as over-the-counter products. Even green tea like alfalfa tea, for example, has a deodorizing effect on one's breath.
Preventing it is actually the best among the natural bad breath remedies. In order to prevent bad breath, one merely requires good oral hygiene and a regular lifestyle to ensure proper health. Also, certain norms should be followed in one's diet, including the avoidance of alcoholic products. Moreover, one should make it a practice to brush regularly, scrape one's tongue and also to floss on a regular basis.
Natural bad breath remedies are safe, but prevention is even safer.

Richard Wilkins, owner and webmaster of Halitosis Solutions is a man who has suffered from symptoms of halitosis, or chronic bad breath, his entire life. After finally having gotten this disease under control, he has since made it his mission in life to spread the knowledge of halitosis treatment methods to everyone who suffers from this disease, no matter the severity.

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