Must-Read Natural Treatment For Gum Disease
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Must-Read Natural Treatment For Gum Disease

12 Nov, 2015

Must-Read Natural Treatment For Gum Disease

Treatment for gum disease is very important to an individual's well-being. This is because a simple periodontal problem can escalate to serious health challenges if left unattended. Shared in this article are some insights on the causes, symptoms and natural remedies for this kind of oral health problem.
The two general forms of illnesses attacking the gums are gingivitis and periodontitis. Of the two gingivitis poses the lesser threat of our oral health. Gingivitis and periodontitis are both characterized by tenderness of the gums, softening of the tissue surrounding the teeth, bleeding even when not brushing, bad breath, pus formation and premature falling of teeth.
Before we go the details of treatment for gum disease, let us first know the causes of such oral problem. Primarily, it is brought about by the formation of a bacteria. This bacteria produces a sticky plaque that is colorless. This plaque surrounds the teeth.
While some oral problems are greatly influenced by genetic factors, there are some causes that are brought about by poor oral health habits. First of these are smoking or chewing tobacco. Needless to say, the nicotine in cigars rob our body of the minerals that strengthen our gums and teeth. Secondly, increased amount of carbohydrates and sugars can also contribute to this oral problem. These substances cause cavities and when they are not removed from the mouth, they can harm every part of it.
Even though poor oral hygiene gets resolved, reversing gum disease may not happen that easily. For one, natural conditions like puberty, pregnancy and menopause can bring in the problem or make it even worse. Among the other factors that affect the health of our gums are stress, obesity and diabetes. Furthermore, surveys show that intake of anti depressants, oral contraceptives and heart medicines contributes to the disease as well.
Not all individuals are gifted with the courage to line up outside a dental clinic to get checked by a dentist. For these people natural remedies may work better for their condition. These cures emphasize on good oral habits. Firstly, proper brushing and flossing must be observed daily. Dentists advise brushing and flossing three times every after meal. Secondly, regular massaging of the gums must be done to allow proper circulation of blood. You can simply use your fingertips for this. Thirdly, rinsing of the mouth with saline solution can rid the mouth of harmful bacteria that cause the irritation.
Natural treatment for gum disease also includes drinking of fruit juices that are rich in vitamin C. Eating fruits like oranges, limes and guava also count. Some information share that chewing on spearmint or peppermint can alleviate this condition quick. Those who cannot withstand such practice use mouthwash that is flavored spearmint or peppermint. There are people who massage their gums with tea tree oil for better blood circulation. It is believed that tea tree oil blocks the formation of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Perhaps, you have already observed these tips and your oral problem persists. It would be best then to consult a dentist.

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