Maybe You Need Sedation Dentistry Instead
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Maybe You Need Sedation Dentistry Instead

12 Nov, 2015

Maybe You Need Sedation Dentistry Instead

You may not tolerate pain as well as others. This is true when you are about to see the dentist injecting your gums with a painful anesthesia. Dentists are some of the most fearsome medical professionals as they do inflict pain for the sake of your oral health. Even children are afraid of them and so these professionals do all sorts of tricks just to lure them into removing their decays.
Good thing there is an option where you do not have to feel the pain. In fact, it can relax you even more. This is called sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is the process of using pharmacological agents to help the patient be calm during an oral treatment. The drugs used are called sedatives which have an effect to the central nervous system.
A patient undergoing dental sedation will feel calmer and will so they will not have to feel any pain while having their teeth and gums treated. In Irvine dentistry, sedation process is becoming popular. The highly-technical dentists are sought-after for their quality service and treatments.
Benefits of Sedation Dentistry
There are many benefits that this dentistry provides. Of course, those who have low tolerance of pain can now go to the dentist worry-free. The popularity of massage centers and spa paved the way for this dentistry to become popular.
• It offers relaxation. The use of pharmacological drugs will cause the patient to feel calmer as the relaxing hormones are secreted.
• Increased patient cooperation. Most of the time, patients get anxious as they ask every detail of their treatment - even while under the procedure! Sedation dentistry makes it possible for patient cooperation as minimize pain, or none at all, is felt.
• Time saving - there are treatments where the patients are sedated. This means that after the treatment, they will not to remember any of it at all. This is highly beneficial to children who have severe oral problem and yet do not want to visit the dentist.
• Good control of gag reflex - it is inevitable for the patient to gag since different tools are used to treat a certain dental problem. When the patient is under sedation dentistry, the gag reflex is reduced and so the dentist can better perform the treatment in faster and more efficient ways.
Types of Dental Sedation
There are basically 3 types of dental sedation: the inhalation, oral and intravenous. The difference of each relies on the route of the drugs. Inhalation is done by inhaling the drug, oral is by mouth and intravenous by injection. The type of sedation will be determined by the dentist or in mild cases, upon the choice of the patient.

For Irvine Dentistry sedation dentistry may be appropriate for you. Be sure to consult a dentist before you opt for this kind of process. This may not be a good option if you have allergies to certain drugs or you are currently taking drugs that will contraindicate the sedation drugs.

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