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Make My Teeth White

12 Nov, 2015

Make My Teeth White

How to make my teeth white is probably a question many people ask themselves, especially those who have yellowing teeth?
Below are some ways to make your teeth white but first we need to find out why teeth change color in the first place.
Our tooth enamel is like porcelain and therefore very strong, and most people start off with radiant white teeth. Throughout our lifetime it is the enamel that undergoes both trauma and various effects from chewing certain types of foods including sweets and acidic foods, and so the enamel not only begins to wear down but also changes in color.
There are basically two types of teeth whitening methods; both of which rely on hydrogen peroxide.
1) In-office whitening takes less time and there is a controlled use of high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide gels. These gels are applied to the teeth and remain on the teeth for about 15 to 20 minutes at a time by the dentist or trained technician, with a couple of repeat applications.
2) Take-home whitening kits typically have a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide, are easy to use and need to stay on the teeth for periods of an hour or so. The trays used are like a type of mouth guard that comfortably fit into the mouth and can sometimes even stay in the mouth overnight
What are some of the causes of stained teeth?
Age - With age the teeth start changing color. The dentin or under layer of the enamel begins to become dark and yellow.
Original Tooth Color - There are two ranges of tooth color:
a) Yellow-brown: More responsive to bleaching
b) Green-grey: Less responsive to bleaching
Smoking - It is the nicotine in the tobacco that deposits brown stains on the teeth with time and causes tooth discoloration.
Chemicals - Excessive fluoride and tetracycline also deposit dark stains on the teeth enamel.
Trauma - Injuries to the teeth can cause cracks and sometimes stains to the teeth.
Tooth Thickness and Translucency - Opaque teeth are more responsive to bleaching. Thin teeth, specifically the front teeth, have less pigment and are more translucent; therefore harder to bleach, and sometimes even impossible to bleach.
Eating Practices - If it is our habit to always drink coffee and soda, our teeth throughout the years will change color. Tooth enamel, although as hard as porcelain, is fragile and sensitive especially to such acidic things as vinegar.

If you are asking yourself: "How can I make my teeth white? Then above link might be for you. This girl's search for a bright smile teeth whitening technique turned out very successful, too.

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