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Lack of Dentists

12 Nov, 2015

Lack of Dentists

A lack of dentists operating all over is one of the main problems to a decaying dental hygiene. Some dentists are not practising anymore because of lower remuneration packages as compared to their counter parts in other sectors of the medical arena.
Most of the greatly affected places are rural areas as there are fewer medical centres and there were not many incentives for dentists working there hence most dentists are reluctant to work there. Medical aid patients did suffer considerably or they were the centre for controversy on this. In a survey once carried out in Utah it was noted that dentists in urban areas and hospitals got a 20% increment in reimbursement for every time they treated more than 100 patients a year whilst rural dentists received the same percentage for every 100 medical aid patients they treated every year.
Another contributing factor to the lack on dentists is because of their aging numbers and larger retirement numbers than those joining the field. In some countries like Australia and Western Europe there are also declining numbers and the need for imported labour has been high in these countries. Some cases of a shortage in dental staff have been reported in Africa and certain parts of Asia like the Philippines. Already over 35% of currently active dentists are over the age of 55 and closely approaching retirement age.
More problems that have caused an increase in the lack of dentists are because of geographical isolation. Most professionals would not want to work or live in the rural areas where there may be very few resources like running water, electricity and access to basic items such as malls. Governments have noted this and are ever trying to sort the cause. Mobile dental clinics have been established across the US where doctors constantly visit certain areas to help those in need.

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