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Individual Dental Coverage

12 Nov, 2015

Individual Dental Coverage

If you are considering individual dental coverage but have a family, chances are that your individual policy will cost you even more than one that supplies you with coverage for your entire family. Individual dental coverage is, as a rule, the most expensive.
When selecting individual dental coverage as opposed to a family plan or group plan, many people select the lower cost plan. Such a plan is a dental health maintenance organization, also commonly known as a DHMO. There are many dentists in a DHMO who have agreed to work in providing individuals specific treatments and/or services for a very reduced co-payment. Dentists who keep their various patients in good dental health are rewarded. These dentists are paid directly by the particular insurance company for each of the individuals, no matter how much or how regularly covered specific treatments were used.
Some individual plans are called indemnity coverage. Ordinarily this kind of individual coverage allows you to choose the dentist of your choice. This plan will customarily pay a part of the dentist's fee. Sometimes these payments are made directly to the dentist, or you may be reimbursed for what you spent. Of course if there is a difference between what is charged and what they cover, you will pay the dentist the difference.
Something called a PPO, which stands for preferred provider organization, will be a bit lower in cost than indemnity coverage. The reason being is that you need to go to a network of providers who have gotten together to provide lower fee schedules. Should you decide to go to non-participating dentists, then you will be responsible for various co-payments or higher deductibles.
Scheduled reimbursement individual plans outline reimbursements via a fee schedule. The balance due becomes your responsibility. Ordinarily, such individual plans will have an annual maximum, deductibles and may even have waiting periods outlined for certain procedures. Thus, if you go in for a cleaning for example, and your reimbursement plan pays you $57.00 for a cleaning, but the dentist charges $60, you'll ultimately need to pay $3 difference.
Occasionally one will see dental discount cards advertised for individual coverage. These are sold by groups of dentists who agree to charge less if someone comes in with a discount card. Granted, you must use the dentist who is listed on the card, but occasionally you may find that the discount card will save you quite a bit of money while allowing you to obtain some procedures that you could not afford without the card at the same time.
You will find that if you need to search for individual dental coverage, the job can be accomplished quickly and easily on the Web. Understanding what each plan covers is of the ultimate importance of course, but knowing this is what allows you to make comparisons. The Internet has enabled dental insurance companies to be able to offer a broad assortment of insurance services in order to meet the unique but diverse needs of persons seeking individual dental coverage.

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