Impacted Wisdom Teeth
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Impacted Wisdom Teeth

12 Nov, 2015

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Essentially, "wisdom teeth" is a name given to the third set of molars which are located at the back of your mouth although it is possible that you may or may not have had them yet. In fact, even if you're an adult, you may still not yet have had your wisdom teeth even though it's most unlikely. When they do appear, there will be one wisdom tooth situated in each quadrant behind your twelve molars. For the most part, these teeth cause a lot of pain and as such, it is always advisable that you have them removed. However, before you make any final decision, you may want to consider going to see an oral surgeon in Cincinnati in order to obtain advice.
In the vast majority of cases, people get a total of 32 permanent teeth but unfortunately the jaw is too small in most cases to accommodate the four wisdom teeth as well. Of course, even when there is insufficient space for your wisdom teeth to cut normally, they will still appear even if not in the correct position. In this case they would be considered to be "impacted" and a visit to a Cincinnati oral surgeon is virtually inevitable. The problem is, if the teeth are "impacted", they will remain embedded in the soft gum tissue or bone until such time that they are removed. Because the wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come through, it is common for them to be impacted. Interestingly enough, there is no particular age at which ones wisdom teeth emerge although it is common for them to emerge between the ages of seventeen and 21.
One needs to bear in mind that when your wisdom teeth are impacted, many problems can arise as a result, most of which can be extremely unpleasant. These problems could include but are not limited to: pain, infections, crowding, and damage to other teeth. If you are currently experiencing any of which have just been mentioned, then it's imperative that you see a maxillofacial surgeon in Cincinnati. You need to be advised that if you fail to take the necessary action, the problem could become increasingly worse and result in the long term damage to the jawbone. Furthermore, it is also likely that cysts, which can occur with impacted teeth, will form, and these too can result in damage to the jawbone. Essentially, as the wisdom teeth develop, their roots will continue to grow longer while the jawbone becomes increasingly dense.
As is common knowledge nowadays, the older you get and the longer you leave it, the more difficult it becomes to have your wisdom teeth extracted, not to mention an increased amount of risk with regards to complications. In fact, it is known that such complications become more frequent the closer you get to the age of 30. As a result, dental surgeons advise people to avoid this if at all possible. The bottom line is; one should have one's wisdom teeth removed at the earliest possible opportunity, preferably during your teens or early twenties. Essentially, this is necessary so that it can be done before the teeth and roots have become fully developed. Once they are fully developed, complications are more likely and of course the procedure can then be extremely painful. One should also understand that in such a case, an oral surgeon is not really able to do much with regards to the pain.
Ideally, one shouldn't hesitate to make an appointment to see an oral surgeon in Cincinnati with regards to having your wisdom teeth removed. You can be rest assured that they will be able to offer you advice regarding what course of action you should take.

Steev is Ivy League educated. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and a DMD, both from the University of Pennsylvania. He has been in private practice since 1983 in the Cincinnati Ohio area. He has been chairman of Ohio oral surgeon and maxillofacial surgeon Ohio/Dentistry at Good Samaritan Hospital since 1990.

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