If Your Gums Could Talk - This is What They Could Reveal About Your Health
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If Your Gums Could Talk - This is What They Could Reveal About Your Health

12 Nov, 2015

If Your Gums Could Talk - This is What They Could Reveal About Your Health

Ever visited the vet with your pet cat or dog? Have you noticed that one of the first things the vet checks out is the health of their gums? That's because the health of their gums often reflects their overall state of well being.
I've sometimes been tempted to try out this diagnostic test with my new clients, but I think they might find having their mouth inspected a little odd, so I restrict myself to just asking questions that tell me a lot about the attitude of my new client to health, their vitamin C status and the overall state of inflammation in their body.
Here are some important clues your gums can give you about your health:
Do your gums bleed after brushing? This can indicate a vitamin C deficiency, or that you have ongoing inflammation and infection, such as periodontal infection or gingivitis. Gum diseases like this can result in you losing your teeth later in life; and a huge wad of dental expenses as well.
Bad bacteria residing in your mouth unchallenged can contribute to bad breath too. You know, the kind of bad breath that even your friends have trouble telling you about.
If you have not visited your dentist for a while, now is a really good time to book your next checkup! There are now many 'holistic dentists' who will look at your dental health from a holistic perspective, if that's what you prefer.
If you have gingivitis or periodontal disease, your naturopath can help you with the right vitamin supplements to get your gum health back on track.

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