How Your Smile And Teeth Whitening Can Keep You Healthy
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How Your Smile And Teeth Whitening Can Keep You Healthy

12 Nov, 2015

How Your Smile And Teeth Whitening Can Keep You Healthy

When was the last time you flashed a wide smile? If you are having trouble recalling such a moment, you must start thinking about the reason behind it. A smile is a special thing, one of nature's gifts, which is only meant for us humans, so we should use this special gift more often to communicate the beautiful feeling that it signifies. The importance of an unrestricted smile is emphasised a lot not just to enhance self image in social and professional circles but also because of its health benefits.
• It is well known that smile is the best way to reduce stress. It does so by releasing endorphins and soothes the mind and body.
• People who smile more often have a lower chance of suffering from heart diseases.
• Smile is a natural painkiller.
• Smiling more often helps increase multi-tasking abilities by increasing focus and attention.
• When you smile without restrictions, it generates a sense of trust in the onlooker, hence making you more dependable and trustworthy. Probably this is the reason why people with good smiles are better at establishing professional liaisons.
There are many other benefits of smiling without inhibitions, but you can only experience them if you do not put restrictions on the way you smile. Many people tend to hide their smiles or avoid smiling in public because they are embarrassed by the colour of their teeth. Teeth Whitening has brought relief to many such people, who found their teeth unattractive.
Tooth enamel is naturally white in colour, but over the years, with constant use and exposure to alien elements, it can lose its natural colour and shine. There are many reasons which may cause teeth to look pale and dull. These reasons vary from lifestyle habits like drinking too much wine, regular intake of aerated drinks, sports drinks and smoking. Apart from this, lack of proper oral hygiene and improper brushing habits can also lead to yellowing of teeth. Teeth whitening aims at removing the ill-effects of such whitening deterrents.
There are several methods of whitening the tooth enamel starting from the basic over-the-counter methods. These include whitening strips, mouth wash, gels and fluoride rich toothpastes. While these methods are conveniently available and easy to use, you cannot expect immediate and long lasting results from them. On the other hand, professional whitening methods are much more effective and their effects can last for a long duration. In-office bleaching is a short process, which means that you can start enjoying the results of teeth whitening as soon as you walk out of the clinic.
Professional whitening is expensive as compared to any other whitening method, but the natural results you would derive from it, will allow you to sport a flawless smile, which will be worth so much more. Some might still find it odd to visit a dentist for enhancing their smile but it is not a social taboo anymore to give your teeth a makeover. In fact teeth whitening is now the most common reason why people visit cosmetic dentists. You can see so many dentists offering cosmetic dental solutions in every part of the world. All you have to do is to find the right dentist, one who you can trust and who has the experience to give you a sound advice.

Teeth whitening in Burnaby offers advanced dental care treatments to make your smile more attractive and glow.

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